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     A Diverse Diva is a Renaissance woman. She is creative, passionate, strong, confident, bold, uplifting, and wise. She is a wife, a mom, a boss, a student, a young adult, a teen, or even a young girl learning her worth. 


She Is Me...She Is You!


     I created Diverse Diva to educate, create,  represent, and inspire. As a mom of 2 and an educator of 19+ years,  I have a passion for educating, mentoring, and sharing love & positivity. I am a licensed classroom teacher with certifications as a Reading Specialist and in English to Speakers of Other Languages. Throughout my years in the education field, I've observed the need for additional support for the minority population, especially in the areas of literacy and mentorship. At times, students are advanced through grade levels without receiving the necessary interventions/support and this lack of skill development causes students to become frustrated, lose a love of learning, or manifest in negative ways.  I’ve also witnessed youth from elementary through young adulthood that needed reminding of their worth. I created opportunities and programs to help fill this gap, especially for African American females.


     My purpose and passion is to help fill these gaps as well as speaking life through art and creativity. My educational pursuits in the arts started in a Visual Arts program in high school and led to earning an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts. This artistic side allows me to create from a unique perspective for home decor, wall art, apparel, and more. I want to share this unique and creative diversity with more people to help affect more ripples in a pond!  Life can hurt and experiences can take a piece of you if you let it. I want the services I provide, and the designs & products that I create to bring a smile, provide inspiration and offer a reminder of the beauty, strength, and power that we all possess. My belief is that love and light need to be shared but especially with our youth. This is a way to break cycles and to help brighten the future. We can do this with a kind word, a smile, engaged listening, and more. Inspire and uplift others with me!



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